Convincing the MLM Sceptic (Part 1)

Convincing the MLM Sceptic (Part 1)

We have all been there; it might be a charity event, a dinner party, a friend’s birthday or a gathering at your husband’s/wife’s office. While making the mandatory small talk; the question always comes up, “So, what do you do then?”

“I’m a distributor for an MLM company,” I reply.

This is usually met with a mixed response; we might be lucky and the person asking is a fan of the entrepreneurial spirit nearly all MLM distributors show or we might be unlucky and we have just bumped into one of those MLM skeptics. From them you’ll hear things such as, isn’t MLM a scam? Aren’t they all just money game companies? They’re pyramid schemes, aren’t they?, They are all ponzis, and so much more.

“What makes you think that?” I ask.

The answers tend to be very similar; 9 of out 10 people often say they have heard about someone else’s bad experience and from that labelled every MLM company with the same negative tag; the vast majority have never been involved with an MLM company themselves. Normally, those that have had a bad experience in the past are often more knowledgeable about the industry since they got caught once; they learned from their previous mistakes.

We are dealing with people’s opinions not factual information, and that is why if you are with a legitimate MLM company such as K-Link, it is usually possible to change most skeptics minds that not MLM companies are scams.

If the skeptic does some research into the MLM industry they would discover that it has been in existence for more than 100 years; there are multi-billion dollar MLM companies which have been around for many years and millions of people all over the world earn a very good residual income from their MLM business. Here at K-Link we have helped several thousand distributors improve their financial status, but all of them will tell you the same story; being a multi level marketer is hard work, but if you are determined and persevere, it can change your life for the better.

That is not to say they aren’t a lot of illegal companies pretending to be an MLM company, we know there is. In part two of this blog I will talk about how to identify a scam company, and how we can use that information to convince the skeptics that most MLM companies are in fact a great opportunity for everyone, regardless of their educational background, age, gender or social status.